Mick Cronin Family: Meet His Wife Darlene Taylor & Daughter

Mick Cronin, the esteemed head coach of the UCLA Bruins, isn’t solely a basketball luminary but possesses an engaging personal background. Exploring Mick Cronin’s family life, this article reveals his connections, notably with his wife Darlene Taylor, and daughter Samantha Cronin. From his Cincinnati origins to coaching triumphs, let’s uncover the diverse facets shaping Mick Cronin’s personal and family narrative.

Mick Cronin Family: Meet His Wife Darlene Taylor & Daughter
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Who is Mick Cronin?

Born on July 17, 1971, in Cincinnati, Ohio, Mick Cronin hailed from a tight-knit family with parents Harold & Hep; Cronin and Peggy, alongside elder brother Dan and sister Kelly.

His father, Hep, engaged in various roles from high school coaching to teaching and scouting for the Atlanta Braves. Mick Cronin’s life has witnessed triumphs and challenges.

His family, including brother Dan, displayed resilience in tough times, notably Dan’s victorious battle against cancer, echoing the determination seen in Mick’s coaching style on the basketball court.

In 2014, Mick faced a health scare when an unruptured aneurysm was discovered, leading to a temporary hiatus from coaching.

However, his resilience and recovery resulted in a triumphant return to the sport, garnering admiration within the basketball community.

Presently residing in Cincinnati with his daughter Samantha, Mick continues to lead the UCLA Bruins, showcasing strategic brilliance and fostering successful basketball programs.

Mick Cronin Family Facts

Mick Cronin With His Family
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At La Salle High School, Mick excelled as the point guard until a knee injury redirected him toward coaching and education. Sadly, the family faced a significant loss in 2005 when Peggy, Mick’s mother, passed away due to cancer.

After graduating from the University of Cincinnati with a History degree in 1996, Mick embarked on his coaching career as an assistant at Woodward High School.

Influenced by his father’s guidance and fueled by a passion for the sport, Mick thrived in nurturing young talents.

Who is the Wife of Mick Cronin?

Mick Cronin was previously married to Darlene Taylor, and together, they share a daughter named Samantha Cronin.

However, their decision to separate in 2009 marked a pivotal moment in Mick’s life, transitioning him into the role of a devoted single parent while juggling the demands of coaching college basketball.

Despite the divorce, Mick remained actively involved in Samantha’s life. Balancing single parenthood alongside the rigors of coaching showcased Mick’s unwavering commitment to both family and career.

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