Adnan Deumic, Traders Bank of America, Obituary, Cause of Death

Adnan Deumic Death: Adnan Deumic, a 25-year-old trader based in London at Bank of America, sadly passed away. He is the second employee from the company to die this month.

Adnan died just two weeks after Leo Lukenas III, a banker working 100-hour weeks, passed away at the financial giant.

Let’s delve into what happened to Adnan Deumic and learn about the cause of his death.

Adnan Deumic, Traders Bank of America, Obituary, Cause of Death

Who was Adnan Deumic?

Adnan Deumic was a trader for Bank of America based in London. Born in Sweden, Deumic joined Bank of America in 2022 as a Credit Portfolio & Algorithmic Trader.

Adnan passed away on Thursday evening during a charity soccer tournament.

The Bank of America spokesperson said, “Our teammate’s death is a tragedy, and we are shocked by the sudden loss of a popular, young colleague.”

“We will support Adnan’s family, his friends, and our many employees grieving his loss.”

Cause of Adnan Deumic’s Death

Reports indicate that Deumic collapsed suddenly while playing in a casual “five-a-side” charity soccer tournament with other finance employees. They pronounced him dead despite receiving CPR. They have not disclosed the exact cause of Deumic’s death, but they suspect it was a heart attack.

Leo Lukenas

Who was Leo Lukenas?

The news of Deumic’s death follows just weeks after Leo Lukenas, a 35-year-old investment banking associate, died of acute coronary artery thrombus. However, sources at the bank say that unlike Lukenas, who was working 100-hour weeks, Deumic had shorter hours, typical for traders on Wall Street who usually work around 50 to 60 hours a week.

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