Maddy Baloy, TikTok Star, Obituary, Death Cause

Maddy Baloy Death: Last Wednesday night, a famous TikTok star, Maddy Baloy, sadly passed away.

Her fiancé, Louis Risher, confirmed Maddy’s death. He said that the inspirational video creator, who worked as a kindergarten teacher in Florida, was “surrounded with love” as she lost her battle with colon cancer.

“Madison passed away peacefully last night,” Risher told People in a statement on Thursday.

Maddy Baloy, TikTok Star, Obituary, Death Cause

Who was Maddy Baloy?

Maddy Baloy was a TikTok star who shared her journey living with terminal stage 4 cancer online and inspired followers by achieving goals on her bucket list. Her family announced her death on Friday. She was 26. Baloy was candid with her over 450,000 followers about her diagnosis and struggles along the way.

Maddy was a native of Tampa, Florida. She began experiencing various stomach symptoms in 2022 before ultimately being diagnosed with stage four colon cancer.

Baloy was initially given five years to live, but she didn’t let the news bring her down.

Instead, she created a TikTok account where she began documenting her journey with the illness. Before she knew it, millions of people tuned in to watch her videos.

In one of her most popular videos on the account, Baloy revealed 19 of her top 20 bucket list items she wanted to accomplish.

The list included everything from getting a tattoo and appearing on a “cool podcast” to seeing everything she can and meeting celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

The pair made a TikTok video together, which instantly went viral. “I hope you had the best time,” Ramsay commented on the clip of the duo dancing.

Gordon Ramsay Tribute to Maddy Baloy

“I’m truly at a loss for words by the sad news we received today about the loss of (Madison),” Ramsay said following the news of Baloy’s death. “She was kind, fun, and a true inspiration to me and my three girls. Knowing we could make one of her dreams come true will always be cherished by me.

“She will always be my first & last dance in the kitchen and never be forgotten. Sending all our love to her fiancé and family.”

Maddy Baloy Cause of Death

Maddy Baloy died of colon cancer. Baloy shared a video from Japan in March in which she bravely showed the tumors on her body.

“Hi, my name is Madison, and I have stage four terminal cancer, and I haven’t taken a bath in a year,” she said in the video.

“My cancer is in my large intestine, my small intestine, my uterus, my ovaries, basically the entire lower half of my body is filled up with cancer. Because of that, I had to have an emergency surgery to receive a colostomy.

She added. “This house happens to have the most beautiful bath that I’ve ever seen. But because I have a colostomy, I haven’t taken a bath in a year.”

In Legacy, Baloy leaves behind her fiancé, her mom Carissa Talmege, and her stepfather Lucky Talmege.

Obituary and Funeral Plans

Maddy Baloy’s obituary and funeral plans will released by the family at a later date.

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