Jonathan Candy, Wife and 3 Kids Killed, Oklahoma Family Murder, Suicide

The relatives of the Oklahoma City man who brutally killed his wife and three of their children expressed in a recent interview their determination not to allow the shocking murder-suicide to “define” them as they tend to the lone surviving son.

The wife’s family steadfastly avoids mentioning Jonathan Candy’s name in the aftermath of his attack on his wife, Lindsay, and the subsequent pursuit of his three sons — Dylan, 18, Ethan, 14, and Lucas, 12 — before fatally turning the gun on himself.

Since then, the family’s attention has shifted to the 10-year-old boy who miraculously emerged unharmed and discovered his entire family deceased.

Jonathan Candy, Wife and 3 Kids Killed, Oklahoma Family Murder, Suicide

What Happened

Jonathan Candy fatally shot his wife and three of their children before taking his own life in their Oklahoma City residence in April.

Brent Remerowski, the boy’s uncle, shared, “My nephew is kind, and he’s going to need a lot of support to cope with this.”

Expressing gratitude, he added, “Many people adored the kids. I’ve received numerous messages from everyone. It’s incredibly touching to see the love people have for them.”

Following the tragedy, Lindsay’s family took the boy under their wing, dedicating the initial heartbreaking days to showering him with love and attention.

While reminiscing about Lindsay, Dylan, Ethan, and Lucas. Their lives were tragically cut short. They intentionally omitted Jonathan Candy’s name from their conversations.

According to Police

On the morning of April 22, the 10-year-old bravely dialed 911 after waking up to the horrifying scene described by the police as “carnage.”

Sergeant Gary Knight described the incident as an “unspeakable tragedy” where Jonathan Candy, during a heated argument with his wife, resorted to violence, systematically shooting and killing the children.

The miraculous survival of the fourth boy remains an unanswered question, as Sgt. Knight remarked, “Why he was spared is a question that’ll never be answered.”

The motive behind the horrific event remains a mystery. Police had no prior interactions with the family, and there were no indications of previous domestic violence.

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