Lesly Valeria Ruelas Mata: Bio, Age, Family, and More

Lesly Valeria Ruelas Mata is a super-talented model and ambitious artist. She is very popular on Instagram and social media sites. Lesly is also a Licensed and Certified Esthetician. She has many followers on social media sites. Her loved ones and fans want to know about her career and unknown facts. Let’s know about her age, family, and parents.

Lesly Valeria Ruelas Mata: Bio, Age, Family, and More
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Who Is Lesly Valeria Ruelas?

Lesly Valeria Ruelas Mata, a name with talent and ambition, traces her roots to the vibrant landscapes of Albuquerque, New Mexico, firmly connected to Pueblo/Tiwa Land. Beyond the picturesque landscapes, Lesly emerges as a multifaceted individual, seamlessly blending her roles as a super-talented model, ambitious artist, and Licensed and Certified Esthetician.

On Instagram, Lesly takes on the persona of @themexicanwith, a handle that transcends beyond visuals. It’s a glimpse into her life-a harmonious blend of culture, beauty, and authenticity. Join her on this visual journey as she crafts a narrative that resonates with followers from all walks of life.

Lesly’s beauty isn’t skin deep. She’s a food-conscious lady who goes the extra mile, hitting the gym with routine discipline. Her dedication to holistic living reflects not only in her physical well-being but also in her approach to life.

Lesly’s journey began with an education rooted in her community, shaping the strong, talented, and hopeful individual we see today. Her story is not just about personal success but about breaking barriers and inspiring others to dream big.

What is the Age Of Lesly Valeria Ruelas?

It seems Lesly looks over 35 years old. But her actual date of birth is unknown to us.

How Tall is Lesly Valeria?

Lesly’s height is approximately 5.5 Feet ( 1.67 meters ). Her weight is about 70 kg ( 154 pounds).

Who are the Father and Mother Of Lesly Valeria?

Her father is a businessman and her mother is a housewife. Their names are unknown to us.

Who is the Sibling Of Lesly Valeria?

She has a sister. Valeria loves her cousins, aunt, grandma, and sister who live in Mexico. Their names are unknown to us.

Who Is the Husband Of Lesly Valeria?

Valeria is a married lady. She has one daughter. Her husband’s name is unknown to us.

Join Lesly Valeria Ruelas Mata on her journey – a journey that goes beyond the glossy Instagram frames and delves into the heart of a determined and passionate artist. As she paints her future with ambition, there’s no doubt that Lesly is a rising star to watch.

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