Adaeze Aduaka Biography: Age, Family, Husband, and More

Adaeze Aduaka is a famous TV presenter and Instagram model. She has many followers on Instagram and other social media sites. Adaeze started her Instagram career in 2014. Her Instagram handle is @adaezeaduaka. Her fans want to know about her career and unknown facts. Let’s take a look at the biography of Adaeze Aduaka and learn more about her age, family, husband, and parents.

Adaeze Aduaka Biography: Age, Family, Husband, and More
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Who Is Adaeze Aduaka?

Meet Adaeze Aduaka, a Nigerian TV presenter and Instagram model who has taken the social media scene by storm. Renowned for her captivating presence on Instagram and various social platforms, Adaeze is not just a TV personality but also an Event and red-carpet Carpet Host, bringing glitz and glamour to every occasion. As the founder of @xandorabeauty, she shares her passion for beauty and style with her followers.

Adaeze is not just limited to TV – she’s a versatile talent. Alongside her TV gigs, she enjoys modeling, showcasing her flair for fashion. As a health and food-conscious individual, she brings a refreshing perspective to the world of entertainment.

Her online presence dates back to May 2014, and since then, Adaeze has amassed a substantial following on Instagram and other social media platforms.

A dedicated and hardworking professional, she wears many hats, presenting live concerts and shows on TV programs.

Adding to her repertoire, Adaeze is a YouTuber with her channel Adaeze Aduaka, where she shares her experiences and insights. She has more than 6k subscribers.

What is the Age of Adaeze Aduaka?

She was born on 15 July 2001. Her age is now about 24 years old.

How Tall is Adaeze Aduaka?

Her height is approximately 5.5 feet (1.67 meters). Aduaka’s weight is about 65 kg (143 pounds).

Who are the Father and Mother Of Adaeze Aduaka?

Aduaka’s father and mother’s name is unknown to us.

Who Is the Husband Of Adaeze Aduaka?

Adaeze is a married lady. She has one child and her husband’s name is unknown to us.

Adaeze Aduaka is not just a TV sensation; she’s a force to be reckoned with in the world of entertainment and beauty, and her journey continues to inspire many.

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