Top 10 Plus-Size Instagram Fashion Bloggers Of 2024

Today, we delight in presenting to you “The Top 10 Plus-Size Instagram Fashion Bloggers of 2024,” who have carved out their niche with unique identities, particularly celebrating their fuller figures. Most beauties such as luminary in the fashion realm have established themselves as a prominent figure with their plus-size body.

Her influence extends beyond mere skill, captivating attention with a distinctive blend of flair, style, and a plus-size physique. She not only commands attention through her expertise but also her captivating appearance, showcasing that beauty knows no size limits in the fashion world.

Top 10 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

1. Lauren-Nicole

 Top 10 Plus-Size Instagram Fashion Bloggers Of 2024

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Lauren Nichole commenced her Instagram career in June 2014 and has since garnered an impressive following of 100k. Lauren excels with her chic style, consistently pushing boundaries with her avant-garde clothing choices. Her confidence and boldness in carrying off unique outfits set her apart.

Moreover, Lauren is the proud owner of the blog “Fashion Killer” and has secured a contract with IMM as a plus-size model.

2. Ragini R

Ragini Nag Rao stands out as one of the most endearing plus-size fashion bloggers and influencers. Her forte lies in crafting exceptional autumn-inspired looks that showcase her styling prowess. On Instagram, she consistently dazzles her followers with the most captivating fashion ensembles, capable of adding a burst of vibrancy to even the dreariest day.

Founder of the plus-size fashion blog “A Curious Fancy,” Ragini is renowned for curating and sharing vintage-inspired looks that capture the essence of timeless elegance. Beyond fashion, she generously imparts crafty DIY ideas, encouraging her audience to try their hand at creative projects in the comfort of their homes.

3. Molly Hite

Molly Clutts, a Dallas-based Instagram blogger originally hailing from California, is a true embodiment of feminine style. Fearlessly delving into bold prints, offbeat patterns, and experimental color combinations, Molly challenges the notion that such elements are unsuitable for plus-size women, dismissing it as a mere myth.

Known for her vibrant fashion sense, Molly confidently showcases her belief in the versatility of bold prints and patterns. Frequently adorned in florals, she effortlessly radiates positive vibes through her distinctive style, proving that fashion knows no size restrictions.

4. Stefani Nicole

Stefani Nicole, the force behind DIY, Plus Size Fashion, and Lifestyle, effortlessly owns her Instagram profile with confidence and panache! Her cheerful demeanor and body-positive attitude are expertly portrayed through the lens of her camera. Stefani is a vision of style, often adorning herself in bold and vibrant prints, absolutely slaying in each outfit.

5. Chloe

Chloe Elliott earned the title of ‘Fashion Influencer of the Year’ from Blogosphere magazine in 2018, a testament to her impact on the fashion world. Renowned for crafting compelling fashion content for the BBC, she has become an Insta-favorite as a stylist and speaker.

Chloe’s fierce sense of style and unwavering confidence empower her to effortlessly carry off any outfit she chooses. Beyond her notable achievements, she curates the widely acclaimed plus-size fashion blog, “Chloe in Curve.”

On this platform, she showcases meticulously assembled outfits, as well as bold and chic ensembles, ranging from bikinis to swimwear. Chloe’s blog stands as a testament to her dedication to empowering and inspiring others in the realm of plus-size fashion.

6. Callie

Callie Thorpe, a prominent figure in the realm of plus-size fashion, shines as an influencer, blogger, and model on Instagram. Her notable presence has garnered attention from renowned publications such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Elle.

At the helm of the blog “Like To Know It,” Callie shares striking images encompassing fashion, style, travel, and all the motivational content that plus-size women seek.

Her captivating smile and refreshing persona make her profile a must-visit, embodying the spirit of empowerment and inspiration within the plus-size community.

7. Caralyn Mirand Koch

Caralyn Mirand Koch stands out as one of the most chic plus-size models and advocates for confidence. Her signature style is a vibrant mix of floral prints, fashionable maxi skirts, elegant cocktail dresses, and edgy casual wear.

She generously shares fashion tips, DIY hacks to explore new styles, and creative ideas to experiment with different looks. Caralyn’s platform serves as a valuable resource for those seeking inspiration and guidance in the world of fashion, reflecting her passion for empowering individuals to embrace their unique styles with confidence.

8. Raeann Langas

Raeann Lamgas not only champions the cause of body positivity but also guides us on the journey of personal growth through it. As a plus-size fashion blogger and influencer, she possesses an impeccable sense of style.

Her self-titled fashion blog serves as a hub for exploring various aspects, including styling basic outfits, sharing DIY styling tricks, and crafting chic plus-size looks. Raeann is a firm believer in the mantra, “Loving yourself is the greatest revolution,” encapsulating her philosophy of embracing one’s identity and fostering self-confidence in the realm of fashion.


Lucija Lugomer, a prominent plus-size model, blogger, and influencer, has gained recognition for her candid approach to body positivity on Instagram. She made waves among her followers by boldly sharing a picture showcasing her stretch marks, a move that resonated with authenticity and self-acceptance.

She proudly wears size 14 dresses, emphasizing the importance of embracing one’s body and resisting the pressure to conform to oppressive beauty standards. Her empowering message encourages women to reject societal norms that promote weight loss for the sake of conformity, reinforcing the idea that true beauty comes from self-acceptance and individuality.

10. Rochelle Johnson

Rochelle Johnson serves as an inspiration to women of all sizes, encouraging them to embrace confidence and style through bold and fun looks. As a plus-size fashion blogger and esteemed style expert, she curates content on her blog, Beauticurve.

This influential fashionista has forged partnerships with prominent brands like Macy’s and Express, showcasing her impact in the industry.

Rochelle’s journey into motherhood adds another layer to her influence, as her maternity and post-pregnancy looks become a source of inspiration for many.

Her Instagram profile boasts a collection of beautiful and noteworthy pictures, making it a destination well worth exploring for fashion enthusiasts and those seeking style inspiration alike.

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