James Gaines Death: Chef DJ Hamburgers Has Died In Fort Worth TX

Very sad news about the James Gaines Death. Chef DJ Hamburgers has died in Fort Worth TX. Let us find out what happened to him. People want to know about his obituary and funeral plans.

James Gaines Death: Chef DJ Hamburgers Has Died In Fort Worth TX

James Gaines Death:

We’re really sad to share that James Gaines, who used to be the head chef at Reata and lived in Fort Worth, Texas, has passed away. The news came out on social media, and the post said, “So many people are feeling really, really sad, and a lot of lives will never be the same. It’s with a very heavy heart that I want to tell all of James Gaines’ old friends that he passed away on November 28th. Please think about his family and friends and keep them in your prayers during this really tough time.”

Who was James Gaines?

James Gaines, a resident of Fort Worth, Texas, and former head chef at The Westin Southlake, had an impressive culinary journey. He served as the executive chef at Reata’s restaurant for five years before bidding farewell in October 2021. During his tenure at Reata’s, he showcased his culinary prowess by presenting the renowned Tortilla Soup on Good Day and preparing Quail and Grits on Fox 4 Good Day. Just before we received the unfortunate news, James held a prominent role as the head honcho at JD Hamburgers.

People who spent time with James felt his calming presence, uplifting everyone’s spirits. His unique and humorous approach made him relatable to everyone. Many genuinely appreciated his friendly and approachable nature, making him a true inspiration to those around him.

Tribute to James Gaines?

Good morning, everyone.

In honor of the late James Gaines, we’ll be closed this Sunday, December 3rd. James was not just an amazing guy but also a goofball, friend, mentor, and brother to many. His memorial service will take place from 11 to 1 at JD Hamburgers this Sunday. Please join us to celebrate his wonderful life. If you knew and loved him, we’d be grateful to have you there on Sunday. Feel free to drop by, and don’t forget to wear your jeans and boots—James wouldn’t have it any other way.


James Gaines’ memorial service will take place at JD Hamburgers in Fort Worth, Texas, on December 3rd, 2023, from 11 am to 1 pm. His family and friends invite everyone to join in celebrating his life. In lieu of flowers, James would appreciate donations to Make-A-Wish America. Your support would mean a lot to him and his loved ones.

Obituary and Funeral Plans:

James Gaines’s obituary and funeral plans will released by the family.

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