Flavia Eberhard Freedive Champion, Instagram Model, Wiki, Bio, Age, Family

Flavia Eberhard is an Actress South American Freedive Champion, and Instagram model. Her Instagram handle is @flaviaeberhard. Flavia’s actual name is Flavia Dias Eberhard, known as Flavia Eberhard. Flavia started her career on Instagram in May 2012. She has many followers on Instagram and other social media sites. Flavia hails from Santa Catarina, Mexico. Most of her fans want to know about her career and unknown facts. So let’s take a look at the biography of Flavia Eberhard. Learn more about her age, family, parents, and siblings.

Flavia Eberhard Freedive Champion, Instagram Model, Wiki, Bio, Age, Family
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Who Is Flavia Eberhard?

Flavia Dias Eberhard, widely known as Flavia Eberhard, is a Brazilian free diver, TV presenter, and instructor trainer. Her journey began as a professional model at the age of seventeen, scouted by FORD Models in Brazil. She graced the pages of renowned magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire, working with top designers such as Armani, Gucci, and Versace, both in Brazil and internationally.

She is the presenter, host, and co-producer of the TV series “APNEIA” for Canal OFF. In this show, she explores the world, engaging in freediving adventures in breathtaking locations and seeking encounters with incredible marine life. Additionally, she co-founded Sea Dragons Audiovisual, producing films that have participated in international festivals.

Freediving Career Of Flavia Eberhard

Flavia transitioned from modeling to a professional freediving career in 2009. Initially introduced to breath-hold practices through her brother’s spearfishing, she became a competitive freediver in 2009 and, in 2007, started teaching professionally. Her journey led her to achieve nine records, including a Brazilian Absolute Record, showcasing her prowess in the depths of the sea.

Eberhard stands as the only Brazilian freediving instructor specialized in three major institutions: SSI as the only Brazilian Instructor Trainer, AIDA as a Master Instructor, and Apnea Total as a Master Instructor. Currently, she owns Freedive Mexico, a school in Tulum, Mexico, where she imparts her extensive knowledge and passion for freediving.

Beyond her underwater pursuits, Flavia actively contributes to education, writing articles, and speaking at shows and conferences on freediving, underwater photography, and videography. Her versatility extends to documentary presentations, showcasing her commitment to spreading awareness about the beauty and importance of the underwater world.

Flavia Eberhard’s journey is a fusion of glamour, athleticism, and conservation efforts, making her a multifaceted personality in the realms of modeling, freediving, and television. As she continues to break barriers and explore the depths, her impact on both industries is nothing short of extraordinary.

What Is the Age Of Flavia Eberhard?

Flavia was born in Santa Catarina, Mexico. Her actual date of birth is unknown to us.

Height and Weight?

Her height is approximately 5.8 feet (1.76 meters). Flavia’s weight is about 70 kg (154 pounds).

Parents and Siblings?

About her parents and siblings information is unknown to us.

Marital Life?

Her personal life is unknown to us.

Flavia Eberhard Freediving Records and Title

Bizy Blue Hole Competition – April 2009

  • 1st place in Static Competition, 3rd place overall
  • Set a Static Absolute record for Santa Catarina: 5 minutes and 15 seconds
  • Achieved a Constant Weight Absolute record for Santa Catarina: 50 meters

Mini Comp Competition – May 2009

  • Secured 3rd place overall
  • Established a Free Immersion Absolute record for Santa Catarina: 40 meters

Blue Hole No More Competition – June 2009

  • Captured 1st place overall
  • Set a Constant No Fins Absolute Record for Santa Catarina: 35 meters
  • Achieved a Constant Weight Absolute Record for Santa Catarina: 55 meters

Triple Depth Competition – September 2009

  • Earned 8th place overall
  • Set a Free Immersion Absolute Record for Santa Catarina: 51 meters
  • Achieved a Constant Weight Record for Santa Catarina: 60 meters

Little Blue Hole Competition – September 2012

  • Secured an impressive 1st place
  • Attained a Brazil and South American Absolute Record in Free Immersion: 69 meters

Additional Titles

Apart from her competition achievements, Flavia Eberhard holds various titles:

  • Certified yoga teacher
  • International freediving judge accredited by AIDA
  • Technical Diver certified by TDI
  • First aid instructor (RR) certified by SSI


Recognized for her significant contributions, Flavia has been honored with awards, including the title of Best Contributor and Pride of an Institution. These accolades acknowledge her outstanding achievements and dedication to the world of freediving.

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