Selma Mclean, Daughter Beats Mom With Pan, Mom Obituary, Death Cause

Selma Mclean’s Death: A recent tragic incident unfolded in the Bronx where a woman fatally struck her mother with a cooking pot. Sadly, Selma Mclean, the mother, passed away as a result. Her daughter, Skydajah Patterson, called 911 and admitted to the act.

Let’s delve into what transpired and learn more about Selma Mclean and the circumstances surrounding her death.

Selma Mclean, Daughter Beats Mom With Pan, Mom Obituary, Death Cause

Who was Selma Mclean and What Happened?

Selma Mclean, a 46-year-old woman, resided in the President Adams House apartment in the Bronx. Her daughter, Skydajah Patterson, aged 26, had recently been discharged from a mental health facility.

According to reports from law enforcement, Skydajah fatally injured her mother inside their apartment at 3:40 a.m. on Monday.

Following the incident, Skydajah promptly contacted 911, confessing to the crime. Authorities arrived at the scene to find Mclean unconscious and suffering from injuries to her face and head.

Skydajah allegedly admitted to using kitchenware to strike her mother, causing her to lose consciousness.

Selma Mclean was pronounced dead at the scene, and Skydajah was taken into custody, though no charges had been filed by late afternoon.

Mclean’s other daughter, Danaeyah Reynolds, disclosed that her mother had expressed fear of Skydajah before the tragic event.

Skydajah Patterson had been in a psychiatric ward until the previous week, reporting auditory hallucinations and exhibiting unusual behavior.

Law enforcement sources revealed a previous domestic incident involving Skydajah and her mother in October 2022.

Selma Mclean’s family indicated that she had three daughters, but only two were living with her then.

Cause of Selma Mclean’s Death

The exact cause of Selma Mclean’s death has not been disclosed. However, family members stated that her daughter struck her with a frying pan, resulting in her immediate demise. Investigations into the matter are ongoing.

Obituary and Funeral Plans

Selma Mclean’s funeral plans will released by the family at a later date.

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