Velimir Lucic Death: Cleveland, OH, Velimir Lucic Called “Hookahmaster” HasDied By Suicide

Velimir Lucic Death. Cleveland, OH, Velimir Lucic Called “Hookahmaster” HasDied By Suicide. Let us know about what happened to him and know about his funeral and obituary plans.

Velimir Lucic Death: Cleveland, OH, Velimir Lucic Called “Hookahmaster” HasDied By Suicide

Who Was Velimir Lucic? & Cause Of Death:

In a heartbreaking turn of events Velimir Lucic Death. Cleveland, OH, Velimir Lucic Called “Hookahmaster” HasDied By Suicide.

Velimir Lucic, widely recognized as the “Hookahmaster” in Cleveland, Ohio, has passed away. The news of his untimely demise has sent shockwaves through the community. Leaving friends, family, and fans in mourning.

Velimir Lucic was not only known for his expertise in the world of hookah but also his role as a loving husband to Valentina Lucic and a devoted father to their three beautiful daughters. The Lucic family was considered a tight-knit unit, and Velimir’s passing has left an indelible void in their lives.

The circumstances surrounding Velimir’s death are especially tragic, as reports indicate that he died by suicide. The news has added a layer of complexity to an already sorrowful situation. Prompting conversations about mental health and the importance of seeking support during difficult times.

Velimir’s contributions to the hookah community were significant. And his absence will undoubtedly be felt by those who admired his skills and passion for the art. The “Hookahmaster” was not just a title but a testament to Velimir’s dedication to his craft. Leaving a lasting impact on the local hookah scene.

As the community grieves the loss of Velimir Lucic. It is essential to remember the importance of mental health awareness and support. The Lucic family, in particular, is experiencing an unimaginable loss. The community is urged to come together to offer condolences and assistance during this challenging time.

Velimir Lucic’s legacy as the “Hookahmaster” will live on in the memories of those who knew him. As Cleveland mourns the loss of a beloved community member. The hope is that discussions surrounding mental health will become more open, fostering an environment where individuals feel comfortable seeking help when needed.

Tribute To Velimir Lucic:

In a poignant Facebook post, Beena Binki Patel expressed profound sadness over the sudden demise of her dear friend, Velimir Lucic. The news of Velimir’s passing has sent shockwaves through the tight-knit community that frequented Tomo Hibachi & Sushi, a popular gathering spot for friends and food enthusiasts.

Beena Binki Patel, a regular at Tomo Hibachi & Sushi, shared her grief, lamenting the void left by Velimir’s untimely departure. She reminisced about their recent conversation. Revealing plans to celebrate at the restaurant soon. For Beena and her friends, including Tina, Velimir’s absence will cast a somber shadow over future birthday celebrations.

Expressing her disbelief, Beena wrote, “I wish I was just waking up from a dream where it wasn’t true with the news I’ve heard.” The heartfelt post also included a plea for thoughts and prayers for the Lucic family. Particularly Velimir’s wife, Valentina, and their three beautiful daughters, as they navigate this difficult time.

Velimir Lucic’s presence at Tomo Hibachi & Sushi was more than just that of a patron; he, along with Tina, became an integral part of the restaurant’s community. Their warmth and camaraderie contributed to the vibrant atmosphere that patrons cherished.

As friends and patrons of Tomo Hibachi & Sushi come to terms with Velimir’s passing. The restaurant itself mourns the loss of a beloved friend and supporter. The community is encouraged to rally around the Lucic family during this heartbreaking time, offering condolences and support.

The shock and sorrow expressed by Beena Binki Patel echo the sentiments of many who considered Velimir not just a friend but a vital presence in their lives. As the Tomo Hibachi & Sushi community grapples with this loss, the hope is that memories of Velimir’s joyous celebrations and warm spirit will endure.

Obituary and Funeral Plans:

Velimir Lucic’s Obituary and funeral plans will released by the family.

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