Sadiq Mirza Missing Man, Houston TX, Help Locate

Midtown Houston resident Sadiq Mirza is Missing. He is 39, a psychiatrist who has been missing since Friday night, January 29, 2024. He hasn’t spoken to his friends or family since he was last spotted at a bar in the Montrose district. Concerned for his safety and wellbeing, his loved ones and the police have launched a hunt for him since he vanished. Let’s take a look at what happened to Sadiq Mirza.

Sadiq Mirza Missing Man, Houston TX, Help Locate

Who is Sadiq Mirza?

A psychiatrist named Sadiq Mirza practices medicine. Treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of mental health issues are his areas of expertise. Along with mood disorders, Sadiq also examines emotional problems and psychotic diseases.

In addition, Mirza provides diagnoses for problems linked to anxiety, substance abuse, gender identity and sexual orientation, and adjustment. At a mental therapy facility in Colton, California, he practices osteopathic medicine and holds a doctorate.

Based on the details his sister-in-law supplied. On Saturday, she submitted a missing persons report. On Friday night, Sadiq headed out to Eagle Houston, a neighborhood bar in the Montrose district.

At 10:12 p.m. (Houston time), he last spoke on the phone with a friend, telling her that he was having fun. Although his presence in the bar that evening has been confirmed, it is unknown if he was left alone or out with someone.

When did Sadiq Mirza go missing?

On Friday night, January 29, 2024, Sadiq disappeared from the Montrose neighborhood of Houston after going out to a bar. The age of Mirza is 39.

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