Paul Pengelly Missing: Sudbury Man Lost from Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London Hotel

A piece of news reached us about the Paul Pengelly Missing. Sudbury Man Lost from Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London Hotel. London Police are asking for assistance in finding a man last spotted around Hotel Westminster in Park Plaza on Thursday night, November 30, 2023. Let us find out what happened to him in this incident.

Paul Pengelly Missing: Sudbury Man Lost from Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London Hotel

Paul Pengelly Missing:

London Police need your help to find a man from Sudbury named Paul Pengelly. They last seen on Thursday night at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London Hotel. His family worried because they haven’t heard from him since that night. If you have any information, please contact the police.

An Instagram post reads:

Attention, everyone! Paul Pengelly, the brother of my friend, is missing in the Westminster area. He was out last night, but his phone is now off, and all his belongings are still at the hotel. He didn’t check out this morning, and he’s not in any nearby hospitals. No one heard from him, and he has not arrested.

His safety is the primary concern of his family. Who extremely worried. If you possess any information. Kindly Gemma, me, or the police. Your assistance in providing the slight information could significantly aid in finding him. Thank you all in advance for your help.

About The Paul Pengelly:

On January 20, Paul Pengelly, 32, crashed into The Maldon Grey bar wall in Sudbury after a night of drinking. The police, following his Ford Focus from the QD parking lot, noticed a broken brake light. Despite their attempt to stop him on Cats Lane, Pengelly, reaching 60 mph, collided with the bar wall, causing £1,000 in damages—twice the speed limit. After an escape attempt, he surrendered, underwent breath and blood tests, revealing a BAC of 112 mg/100 ml and cocaine in his system, along with 1.7 grams of cocaine. On July 9 at Suffolk Magistrates’ Court, Pengelly pleaded guilty to DUI, driving under the influence of narcotics, driving without insurance, and possession of class A drugs. Citing family health news, he drank that night. The court sentenced him to 10 months in prison, suspended for two years, a three-year driving ban, and a £1,000 fine to compensate for bar damage caused.

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