Mojo Nixon, Famous Iconic Star, Obituary, Death Cause

Recently, a well-known and iconic star, Mojo Nixon, suddenly passed away. Mojo was a remarkable musician, a glorious actor, and one of the best radio DJs.

Nixon’s death is a tragic loss for his colleagues and the music community. Let’s take a look at what happened to Mojo Nixon: learn about his cause of death, obituary, and funeral plans.

Mojo Nixon, Famous Iconic Star, Obituary, Death Cause

Who was Mojo Nixon?

Mojo Nixon’s real name was Neill Kirby McMillan Jr. He was known as Mojo Nixon in the music world. Mojo died on Wednesday, February 7, 2024, at the age of 66.

Nixon’s death was officially confirmed and shared by his family with Rolling Stone. Their sad statement over his death read, “A cardiac event on the Outlaw Country Cruise is about right… & that’s just how he did it, Mojo has left the building. Since Elvis is everywhere, we know he was waiting for him in the alley out back. Heaven help us all.”

Mojo was an amazing icon, a man who captured everyone’s heart because of his work and contributions. Nixon’s career was smooth and influential, particularly his partnership with Skid Roper and their famous hit, “Elvis Is Everywhere.”

Nixon pursued his solo career, releasing numerous albums and collaborating with prominent figures like Jello Biafra. Mojo also worked as an actor and a beloved radio DJ on SiriusXM’s Outlaw Country channel, further solidifying his status as an outlaw cult star.

Nixon’s legacy extends beyond his musical and entertainment contributions. He knew how to inspire people and captivate their hearts with his talent. He was very vocal about his beliefs.

Mojo’s life story, from a small place in London to becoming a professional icon of American counterculture, illustrates his life commitment and the taste of life as a man who lived on his terms.

Mojo Nixon Cause of Death

The exact cause of Mojo Nixon’s death was a heart attack. Nixon suffered a cardiac arrest, ultimately ending his life.

Obituary and Funeral Plans

Mojo Nixon’s obituary and funeral plans will released by the family at a later date.

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