Major Mike Sadler Death: Mike Sadler SAS Special Air Service Veteran Died at age 103

Major Mike Sadler Death. Mike Sadler SAS Special Air Service Veteran Died at age 103. Let us uncover what happened to him and know about his funeral and obituary plans.

Major Mike Sadler Death: Mike Sadler SAS Special Air Service Veteran Died at age 103

Major Mike Sadler Cause Of Death?

In a somber turn of events about the Major Mike Sadler Death. Mike Sadler SAS Special Air Service Veteran Died at age 103.

Major Mike Sadler. A decorated veteran, passed away suddenly on Thursday, January 4, 2023, leaving a lasting impact on all who knew him. His demise at the age of 103. Has left hearts scarred as the news of his sudden death reverberates through the community.

Major Mike Sadler’s journey was one marked by dedication and service to his country. Born in 1920, he enlisted in the Rhodesian Forces in September 1939.

Showcasing a commitment that would define his remarkable military career. The cause of his death, as of now, remains undisclosed, adding an air of mystery to his passing.

During his active duty. Major Sadler served as a Gunner in various theaters, including Kenya, Italian Somaliland, Abyssinia, Messa, Matruh, and Halfya Pass.

His service to the Rhodesian Forces exemplified resilience and valor, earning him the respect of his peers and superiors alike.

In September 1941. Major Sadler transferred to the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG). Where he steadily climbed the ranks, ultimately reaching the position of a top-class navigator.

His exceptional skills and dedication to duty did not go unnoticed. Leading him to further serve in the Special Air Service (SAS), where he became the navigator for David Stirling.

Major Mike Sadler’s contributions to military history and his unwavering commitment to duty are remembered with gratitude.

His journey, spanning decades and continents. Paints a vivid picture of a man who dedicated his life to the service of his country and comrades.

Major Mike Sadler’s cause of death undisclosed intensifies community mourning. His legacy in military history reminds of selfless sacrifices. His impactful life resonates with all who had the honor of meeting him.

Who Was Mike Sadler?

In a remarkable journey spanning over a century. Willis Michael Sadler, affectionately known as Mike. Stood as the sole surviving veteran of the original L Detachment Special Air Service (SAS) unit. Mike, who reached the remarkable age of 103, left an indelible mark on military history as a distinguished navigator.

His illustrious career began in the Western Desert. Where he served as a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO). Rising through the ranks. He eventually attained the esteemed positions of captain and intelligence officer of the 1st Special Air Service.

Notably, Mike served as the trusted right hand of Lieutenant Colonel Robert Blair (Paddy) Mayne. Showcasing his exceptional skills and dedication to duty.

Participating in a parachute training course. Mike returned to the Regiment for intensive pre-D-Day training in England. In August 1944. He parachuted into the Morvan region in Central France as a member of the 1st Special Air Service. Operating under the leadership of Paddy Mayne.

Mike’s military service extended across significant theaters of war, including Italy, France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany. His distinguished contributions were recognized with the Medal of Merit in 1942 and the Medal of Honor in 1945. Underscoring his bravery and commitment during critical moments in history.

Post-war. Mike embarked on an extraordinary Antarctic expedition lasting thirteen months alongside Paddy Mayne and John Tonkin. Both fellow members of the First Special Air Service. This research mission showcased the versatility of Mike’s skills beyond the battlefield.

The passing of Mike marks the end of an era. Leaving a legacy that resonates in the annals of military history. As the community mourns the loss of this extraordinary individual. The story of Willis Michael Sadler serves as an enduring testament to the bravery, resilience, and selfless service exemplified by those who dedicated their lives to the defense of freedom.

Obituary and Funeral Plans:

Mike Sadler’s funeral and obituary plans will released by the family.

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