Lilly Butler Death: Calaveras High School Student Has Died In San Andreas CA,

Recently sad news reached us about the Lilly Butler Death. Calaveras High School Student Has Died In San Andreas CA. News spread everywhere like a wildfire. Hearing the news about her death his family and her beloved mourn. Let us find out about her death. What happened there and her obituary and funeral plans?

Lilly Butler Death: Calaveras High School Student Has Died In San Andreas CA,

Lilly Butler Death:

Lilly Butler suddenly passed away and officially confirmed dead on Wednesday, November 30, 2023. Her unexpected demise left many hearts scarred upon hearing the news. Those who had the pleasure of meeting. Her life always missed. Calaveras Consolidated Fire identified Lilly Butler as the victim of the crash.


The announcement of her death. Numerous individuals have swiftly conveyed their heartfelt condolences to Lilly Butler’s family, expressing their sympathy and paying tribute to her in recently issued statements. Everyone is encourage to keep the family in their thoughts and prayers as they navigate through this sorrowful period, mourning the irreplaceable loss of Lilly Butler.

“It’s unfathomable. Lilly Butler, you were truly exceptional for this world. My sympathies extend to this remarkable, kind-hearted young lady and her family. Appreciation for the cherished memories,” expressed Lilly Ekberg.

What happened to Lilly Butler?

Authorities verified the unfortunate demise of the daughter of a former Calaveras County fireman in a head-on collision on Wednesday. The reported incident occurred around 2:45 p.m. on Highway 26 and Shelton Road. The second person involved in the accident taken to the hospital with a head injury. Butler, a student at Calaveras High School, earned the title of Amador County Fair Rodeo Queen in 2022.

Obituary and Funeral Plans:

Lilly Butler’s obituary and funeral plans will released by the family.

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