Larry McKenna Death: Prominent Saxophone Famous Musician From Philadelphia Died

Recently very sad news reached us about Larry McKenna Death. The very prominent Saxophone and great musician from Philadelphia has died at 86 years old. After hearing the sad news community and family members mourn. People want to know what happened to him. Know about Obituary and Funeral plans. Let know learn more.

Larry McKenna Death: Prominent Saxophone Famous Musician From Philadelphia Died

Larry McKenna Death:

Larry McKenna, the famous saxophonist from Philadelphia, has passed away. It’s really sad news. He left us on Sunday, November 19, 2023, when he was 86 years old. Larry was surrounded by his family, the people he loved, in his final moments.

His family shared the news on his Facebook page, telling us that we lost not just an amazing musician but also one of the nicest people you could meet. They posted that Larry passed away at 5:30 p.m., held close by his son, Matthew McKenna, and his good friend, Melissa Gilstrap. It’s a big loss for the world of music and for everyone who knew him.

Larry McKenna Career:

Larry McKenna had an incredible six-decade career. People worldwide knew and respected him as a jazz musician and teacher because he wasn’t just playing music; he was excelling at it. Larry performed and recorded music with jazz legends like Woody Herman, Clark Terry, Buddy DeFranco, and even the legendary Frank Sinatra.

He wasn’t only a fantastic performer but also excelled at creating and arranging music. Larry McKenna wasn’t just a skilled saxophonist; he was also a talented composer and songwriter. Many will remember and cherish his contributions to the world of jazz.

Right now, in 2023, let’s talk about Larry McKenna’s 2013 album called “From All Sides.” It got a lot of praise because of the original songs he created. The American Composers Forum’s Subito Grant helped make it happen.

One special track on the album is called “One Falling Tree.” It’s a bossa nova with words written by Melissa Gilstrap and sung by Joanna Pascale. People loved it so much that it grabbed the second spot among listeners’ favorite songs on WRTI 90.1 FM Philadelphia in 2013. People really liked Larry’s music, and this song, in particular, became a big hit.

What you need to know about Larry McKenna:

Larry McKenna, a beloved figure, taught at prestigious institutions such as the University of the Arts, Temple University School of Music, West Chester University, Widener University, and the Community College of Philadelphia. Along the way, he mentored numerous students, spreading joy and earning the love of many.

Obituary and Funeral Plans:

Larry McKenna’s Obituary and Funeral will released by the family…..

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