Kobe Sellers Death: The Alumnus Of Lone Peak High School In Highland UT Has Died—GoFundMe

We share a feeling of sorrow about Kobe Sellers Death. Recently the Alumnus Kobe Sellers of Lone Peak High School in Highland UT has died. Community and family members mourn. Learn more about Kobe Seller’s death and obituary plans and what happened.

Kobe Sellers Death: The Alumnus Of Lone Peak High School In Highland UT Has Died---GoFundMe

Kobe Sellers Death:

A person named Kobe Sellers, who used to go to Lone Peak High School in Highland, Utah, has passed away. It’s really sad news. He died on Tuesday, November 21, 2023, and he was only 21 years old. His family and friends are feeling shocked and can’t believe it. The information about his death came from a post on Facebook. According to the post, Kobe passed away while he was sleeping. The post mentioned that he was a great older brother, a good son, and an athlete, and he had recently come back from being a missionary. Right now, the details about what exactly caused Kobe Sellers’ death not shared with the public.

Who Was Kobe Sellers?

Kobe Sellers was originally from Highland, Utah, but he lived in Fargo, North Dakota. He finished high school at Lone Peak High School. As a son and brother, Kobe was always there for his family. He supported them in good times and bad times. When the family got together, it filled with happiness, love, and the special warmth that Kobe brought to every gathering. Kobe appreciated simple moments and valued the strong connections within his family.

His kindness not limited to just his family; it extended to the wider community. Kobe became known for his generous actions, whether it was helping a neighbor in need or quietly supporting charitable projects. What made Kobe special was that he didn’t seek recognition for the good things he did; he just did them because he cared.

Kobe Sellers GoFundMe:

On Tuesday, November 21, 2023, Lindsey McKinnon started a fundraising page on GoFundMe. The purpose was to collect money to help pay for the funeral and burial expenses for Kobe Sellers, who had recently passed away. The goal was to reach $20,000. However, as of the time this information has share, they had received $4,055. This money came from the kindness of 30 people, and the largest contribution was $1,000.

In a message on the fundraising page, Lindsey said, “Hello! I’m Lindsey, and our dear nephew Kobe passed away suddenly while he was sleeping this morning. Sarah, Dave, and the family are really sad, and they could use some help with the unexpected costs of the funeral. We know many people love Kobe and the Sellers family, and we would appreciate any help you can provide.”

Obituary and Funeral Plans:

Kobe Sellers’ obituary and funeral plans will released by the family.

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