Kenwood High School Lockdown: SWAT team and Massive police Respond Today In Essex MD

A piece of news reached us about the Kenwood High School Lockdown. SWAT team and Massive police Respond Today In Essex MD. Today, the police responded to a shooting threat of violence against Kenwood that was reported via phone. Let us find out what happened there.

Kenwood High School Lockdown: SWAT team and Massive police Respond Today In Essex MD


On Friday, December 1, 2023, in the morning, two additional Baltimore County schools, along with Kenwood High School, went into lockdown following a phoned-in threat of violence against Kenwood, according to county officials. A Baltimore County Police Department official stated that, upon arriving at the scene, Baltimore County police and an on-site law enforcement officer (SRO) found the anonymous threat to be not credible.

Around 11 a.m., the lockdowns at Kenwood High School. Eastern Tech High School and Stemmers Run Middle School lifted. All three schools resumed normal operations. A representative from Baltimore County Public Schools stated that the school administration opts not to reveal the nature of the threat.


Kenwood High School Lockdown Today:

In an unfolding situation, Kenwood High School in Essex, Maryland is in lockdown, and the Kenwood Police Department is actively responding. Everyone is urged to stay away from the area for now. We don’t know much about why the lockdown happened or how serious it is.

But, the police are really concerned about what’s going on. People near the mall saw a lot of police officers in special gear rushing to help. This has made parents and guardians really worried.

On social media, lots of folks are sharing how they feel and any information they have. The authorities want everyone to stay calm and patient while they figure things out. Right now, we don’t know when the lockdown will end, and it’s uncertain when it will be safe for students to leave the school.

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