Julia Mazur Scranton PA Died: After Battling Cancer Has Died

Sad news has reached us that Julia Mazur Scranton PA Died. Julia Mazur Died of Cancer. Community and Family mourn. People want to know about what happened to Julia Mazur Scranton PA Died. Let us know what about Obituary and Funeral Plans.

Julia Mazur Scranton PA Died: After Battling Cancer Has Died

Who Was Julia Mazur? And His Death:

A Lady named Julia Mazur, who graduated from Holy Cross High School in 2021, has sadly passed away. She fought bravely against cancer, but unfortunately, she lost the battle. Julia was a really talented, diligent, and kind person. She was also part of the La Salle Academy Class of 2017. This is a loss for those who knew her. she will be remember for her positive qualities.

As per information from the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins, Julia was someone who worked really hard and didn’t tire easily. She spent the last seven years as a member of the ice crew. Julia play a part in various roles at the practice facility. she had known and liked by many people in the local hockey community. Her dedication and contributions are appreciate, making her a valued member of the team.

Obituary & Funeral Plans:

Julia Mazur Obituary and funeral plans released by the family…

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