John Skipworth, Lead Pastor Oaks Church Obituary, Death Cause

The Oaks Church community has been rocked by the heartbreaking news of Pastor John Skipworth’s death. They have lost their main pastor, who has shown an unrelenting devotion and determination for the church and its community.

Monroe, Louisiana experienced a depth of sadness following John Skipworth’s departure. Let’s take a look at what happened to him. Learn about John Skipworth’s death cause and funeral plans.

John Skipworth, Lead Pastor Oaks Church Obituary, Death Cause

Who Was John Skipworth?

John Skipworth was a well-known Monroe, Louisiana, man who dedicated his life to serving Jesus. After graduating from Global University, he dedicated the rest of his life to serving his community and his faith.

Skipworth introduced cutting-edge technologies and had a clear vision for fighting societal changes. He was well-known for his contributions to engineering and his creative thinking, which helped to transform the sector.

John’s experience as an Operating Partner in sales, real estate, investments, and entrepreneurship demonstrated his adaptability and resolve when he founded and built numerous well-known businesses.

Furthermore, John Skipworth was a former Rochester Assembly head pastor. His lifelong commitment to serving the community made him the most well-liked head pastor at Oaks Church.

John always had a strong sense of purpose and dedication to helping others, working hard to further his charitable endeavors and provide outreach services for the benefit of the community.

John Skipworth Cause Of Death?

The reports state that on January 30, 2024, Pastor John Skipworth passed dead. He killed himself, which resulted in his tragic and painful passing. The sadness that befell his loved ones was exacerbated by his suicide.

His wife, Brooke Skipworth, shared the news of his passing on social media, emphasizing the pressing need to raise awareness and encourage candid conversation about mental health issues. John Skipworth’s passing reflects the close relationship he had with his wife and family, causing a terrible effect.

The community is inquiring about the pastor’s mental health. They highlight the pressing need to raise awareness of mental health issues. Community set up appropriate counseling facilities to stop the rising number of suicide deaths in the area.

Obituary and Funeral Plans.

No one has made the arrangements for John Skipworth’s funeral public, either formally or informally.

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