Jodie Jewell Death: In Modbury North Jodie Jewell, Killed By Her Husband Kevin Jewell

Very shocking news to share with us about Jodie Jewell Death.In Modbury North Jodie Jewell, Killed By Her Husband Kevin Jewell. Manhunt intensifies for Kevin Jewell accused of killing his wife Jodie Jewell in Adelaide Modbury East. People want to know about what happened to him. Know about Obituary and Funeral Plans.

Jodie Jewell Death: In Modbury North Jodie Jewell, Killed By Her Husband Kevin Jewell

Jodie Jewell Death:

Detective Superintendent Des Bray revealed that Jodie recently confided in her friend about hurt at home but did not report it to the police. When the police arrived, they discovered Ms. Jewell deceased, and her spouse had disappeared. The police are actively searching for Mr. Jewell, charging him with murder and issuing an arrest warrant for him.

Bray said Mr. Jewell lived in Modbury North with Ms. Jewell and their daughter, but they stayed in different parts of the house. Mr. Jewell lived upstairs, and the women lived downstairs. They had been apart for some time. Bray warned that Mr. Jewell might have weapons and could be dangerous, so it’s not safe to go near him. The last time they saw him was driving his white 2008 Mitsubishi Triton, with the license plate XTN167, going north near Port Wakefield at 7:28 p.m., about five kilometers away. After that, no one has seen Mr. Jewell.

Bray mentioned that Mr. Jewell’s truck has a big toolbox behind the driver’s seat and a special kind of metal tray at the back. Mr. Jewell is around 178 cm tall, weighs about 90 kg, and looks a bit untidy. Before the supposed murder, people saw Mr. Jewell loading the truck with backpacks and coolers. They are known for enjoying hunting and camping, feeling comfortable when he’s in the woods.

If Mr. Jewell watching the news, Bray has a message for him. If anyone sees Mr. Jewell or his truck, they should call the police right away and not try to approach him.

Obituary and Funeral Plans:

Jodie Jewell’s obituary and funeral Plans will released by the family.

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