Gabriel Stewart Death: Pizza Delivery Driver Gabriel Stewart Shot and Killed In Oakely

Gabriel Stewart Death. Pizza Delivery Driver Gabriel Stewart Shot and Killed In Oakely. Let us find out what happened to him and know about his obituary and funeral plans.

Gabriel Stewart Death: Pizza Delivery Driver Gabriel Stewart Shot and Killed In Oakely

Gabriel Stewart Cause Of Death:

Tragedy struck Oakley on Wednesday afternoon as 24-year-old Gabriel Stewart, a pizza delivery driver, was fatally shot while sitting in his parked car outside his residence. The incident unfolded in the quiet neighborhood, casting a somber shadow over the community. The Oakley Police Department, responding swiftly, confirmed that Stewart succumbed to gunshot injuries. The shocking incident has left the community in grief, grappling with the loss of a young life in such a senseless act of violence.

Stewart’s mother witnessed the fatal shooting just steps from their home, intensifying trauma for the family. The Oakley Police Department is probing the circumstances to deliver justice. The incident underscores the impact of violence, fueling a call for awareness and efforts to address its underlying causes in the community.

Who Was Gabriel Stewart:

On Wednesday afternoon, someone shot and killed Gabriel Stewart, a 24-year-old pizza delivery driver. He was sitting in his car, parked in front of his home in Oakley.

Oakley, in California, became a city in 1999, making it the newest one in Contra Costa County. In 2020, about 43,357 people lived there according to the census. Oakley is part of the San Francisco Bay Area, which has nine counties.

At the time of the tragic incident, Gabriel Stewart was on a break from his job delivering pizzas for Domino’s. Currently, the police have not revealed any potential motive for the crime nor have they provided descriptions of the suspects.

At present, the police are giving top priority to the investigation of Gabriel Stewart’s death and are actively searching for two suspects connected to the incident. One of the suspects operated the vehicle that approached him at approximately 5 p.m. in the 1400 block of Rutherford Lane. The other individual, upon exiting the car, fired multiple shots at him from close range.

The police department’s investigative unit, in collaboration with the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office Crime Lab, has been called to the scene for a comprehensive examination. If anyone has surveillance footage from that time, please reach out to Detective Dombrowski at 925-325-6670. Your cooperation can contribute valuable information to the ongoing investigation.

Obituary and Funeral Plans:

Gabriel Stewart’s obituary and funeral plans will released by the family.

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