Evan Wieczenski Car Accident: U.S. Armed Forces Officer Critically Injured in New York—GoFundMe

Recently we got news about Evan Wieczenski Car Accident. U.S. Armed Forces Officer Critically Injured in New York—GoFundMe.Let us find out what happened to this accident. A 23-year-old man named Evan Wieczenski from New York is in the hospital after a serious car crash. The collision happened when a drunk 18-year-old driver, Owen Marek from Broadalbin, crashed into Evan’s car in a head-on collision on Route 29A. Evan’s family is asking for support, and they’ve started a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the medical expenses. They’re hoping for healing and appreciate any assistance during this difficult time.

Evan Wieczenski Car Accident: U.S. Armed Forces Officer Critically Injured in New York---GoFundMe

Evan Wieczenski Accident:

Fulton County Sheriff Richard C. Giardino updated the press about a recent crash with serious injuries. On Saturday, November 18, 2023, in the Town of Mayfield, on State Highway 29A, investigators from the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office were looking into an occurrence. At around 11 o’clock on Saturday night, the FCSO 911 Centre started getting reports of a major car crash involving a possibly trapped driver and a burning vehicle.

Emergency medical services from Mayfield, Berkshire Fire Department. Lake-Valley Ambulance Service. Fulton County EMS Coordinator Mark Souza and deputies sent out. The Sheriff’s Office sought assistance from the New York State Police Accident Reconstruction Team in the crash investigation. Initial findings suggest that 18-year-old Broadalbin resident Owen Marek was driving an eastbound pick-up truck on State Highway 29A, also known as Turkey Farm Road, when he passed two cars approaching a blind bend.

As Marek came around the bend, he swerved into the westbound lane, colliding head-on with a vehicle driven by 23-year-old Evan Wieczenski of Gloversville, traveling west towards Gloversville. When the fire department and deputies arrived. Marek’s car has already engulfe in flames. Both operators were alone in their cars.

Both went to Albany Medical Centre. While Evan Wieczenski is in critical condition in the intensive care unit, Owen Marek is in stable condition. They have both surgically repaired. Mr. Marek will face charges once the inquiry is over and he consults with Mike Poulin, the Fulton County District Attorney.

Toxicological and accident reconstruction reports are pending, according to the sheriff. Variables such as speed. incorrect passing, failing to stay in the proper lane, and drinking identifie in the analysis of statements and observations made at the scene. The sheriff praised those who helped with the inquiry.

GoFundMe Created:

Evan’s family created a GoFundMe Account to raise funds for the hospital bill. “On Saturday the 18th, My brother Evan has hit head-on by a drunk driver on his way home. Evan is now in critical condition. He is fighting for his life. Evan sustained two broken hands. A broken femur. His face is fracture and a broken jaw. They lost teeth, bruised lungs, swelled brain, and many other injuries.”

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