Doug, East Windsor, Trainer Police Officer, Obituary, Death Cause

Recently, a well-known and remarkable figure from East Windsor, Doug, has passed away. He was an exceptional K9 handler trainer and police officer, dedicating nearly three decades to the East Windsor Police Department.

The community and his family are currently mourning the loss of such an influential figure. Let’s delve into what happened to Doug, learning about his cause of death, obituary, and funeral plans.

Who was Doug?

Doug, a native of East Windsor, New Jersey, was an exceptional K9 handler trainer and police officer. His dedication to the East Windsor Police Department spanned nearly three decades. Doug passed away on Tuesday, February 6, 2024.

In addition to his professional achievements, Doug was a devoted father to Mason, Ryan, and Penny, and a stepfather figure to Maeve. His family life was as rich and loving as his professional life was accomplished.

Doug’s commitment to his children and their future, especially Penny’s achievement as Captain in the Enfield police explorers, underscores his role as a supportive father.

His career as a K9 handler and trainer has left an indelible mark on the East Windsor Police Department. Doug’s dedication to excellence and training has significantly benefited the department.

His legacy will persist through the officers and K9s he has trained, positively impacting the community for years to come.

Doug Cause of Death

Yet nobody has to disclose the exact cause of Doug’s death.

Penny Humphrey Organized GoFundMe

To honor Doug’s memory, a GoFundMe page organized by Penny Humphrey aims to raise funds, with $2,115 already contributed toward a $10,000 goal. The community’s support is evident in this effort to commemorate Doug’s legacy.

Obituary and Funeral Plans

Doug’s obituary and funeral plans will held on February 17th at Bassinger and Dowd Funeral Home at 12-4 in East Windsor.

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