Derek Barton Death: Fort Branch Community School Bells of Harmony Director Derek Barton Has Died In Princeton IN

Shocking news about Derek Barton Death. Fort Branch Community School Bells of Harmony Director Derek Barton Has Died In Princeton IN. Let us uncover this incident and what happened to him. Know about his obituary and funeral plans.

Derek Barton Death: Fort Branch Community School Bells of Harmony Director Derek Barton Has Died In Princeton IN

Who Was Derek Barton:

Derek Barton, a Pike County native, directs the Bells of Harmony, an English handbell choir at Fort Branch Community School. The choir is a proud achievement of both the music and eighth-grade history teachers. Barton’s passion for music comes from the influence of his mother, Sue Ellen Barton, and grandmother, Ruth Swain Atkinson.

They sang in the car and at church, and Derek began piano lessons in his youth. His first piano was partially funded by his grandfather, Lestle Atkinson. Influenced by band directors at Pike Central and Oakland City University, including Jim Bolte, Richard Bernhart, Jim Earnest, and Paul Metzger, as well as Glory Heyde. Leading music at Broadway Christian Church in Princeton for years, Derek’s musical service started with performances during worship.

Derek Barton currently leads the Melody Makers vocalists and plays piano for the Sunday school class at Mount Tabor General Baptist Church, where he is a member. He was a bass guitarist in the pit orchestra of Gibson Southern High School and the band Styll Country. Additionally, Barton continues to play the saxophone, an instrument he studied in high school.

Throughout his journey, Barton believes God consistently sent individuals to guide, mentor, inspire, reprimand, and support him. Rosemary Harbison, his church choir director during his student teaching, introduced him to tone chimes. Consequently, in 1989, Barton incorporated tone chimes into his bell choir. By 1993, the choir, having raised $4,000 through candy bar sales, transitioned to Malmark handbells, acquiring 37 three-octave English handbells.

Derek Barton Cause Of Death:

Derek Barton, a cherished resident of Fort Branch, Indiana, and the beloved director of Fort Branch Community School’s English handbell choir, the Bells of Harmony, has sadly passed away. His death was announced through a poignant social media post expressing deep gratitude for his impact on the love of music and acknowledging the irreplaceable void left in the Fort Branch Community School music program. The cause of Derek Barton’s death has not been officially declared, and his family has not yet made an official statement.

Under Barton’s guidance. The Bells of Harmony seized first place in the Snowflake Christmas Parade with a musical theme focused on “Here Comes Santa Claus.” Actively engaging in Fort Branch Community School events such as the spring concert. Eighth-grade promotion, and Veterans Day presentation, the ensemble has showcased its talent.

Their music has graced the airwaves of WNIN on multiple occasions. Motivated by the excitement of witnessing the choir’s performances. Barton persists in his role as their director. Beyond music, his pursuits encompass reading, golfing, and traveling, with an annual performance at the Pioneer Village during the Indiana State Fair. Fueled by a profound interest, he returned to the University of Southern Indiana to attain a history degree. One hymn that held special significance for him was “Amazing Grace.”

Obituary and Funeral Plans:

Derek Barton’s obituary and funeral plans will released by the family.

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