Clifford Dull Death: DLP Conemaugh Memorial Medical Employee Has Died In Johnstown PA

Clifford Dull Death: DLP Conemaugh Memorial Medical Employee Has Died In Johnstown PA. Hearing this news his family members and his friends mourn. They want to know about his obituary and funeral plans. Let us find out what happened there.

Clifford Dull Death: DLP Conemaugh Memorial Medical Employee Has Died In Johnstown PA

Who Was Clifford Dull:

Clifford Dull was born on December 19, 1966, in Jacksonville, Florida, to Cliton and Linda (Marker) Dull. He was a sibling to Christopher, Kerry, Clinton, and Allison. He served as a hospital corpsman in the United States Navy for eight years, participating in Operation Desert Shield/Storm. In his military service. Having dedicated 38 years to healthcare, Clifford rose to become the hospital administrator at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center. For the next two decades, he served steadfastly, making significant contributions to the center’s operations and success.

Earning a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Development from Geneva College stands out as one of his notable accomplishments. The crucial support of his dedicated wife, Amy, played an indispensable role in achieving this milestone. Clifford found immense pride in his family, celebrating the achievement that all six of his children pursued higher education and attained successful careers.

A dedicated father to Joshua, Jared, Lindsey, Trista, Emmalee, and Thomas. And the late Luke. He was a lovely husband. Sharing 24 years of marriage with Amy Jo Dull. His adoration extended to his cherished grandchildren. Ryan, Amelia, Gideon, Elise, and Sonny. Clifford’s life formed a beautiful mosaic of dedication, creativity, and love. Despite the void left by his absence in the hearts of those who knew him, Clifford’s memory continues to resonate, leaving an indelible impact on those he touched. His memory will endure, continuing to inspire and guide us.

Clifford Dull Death Cause:

On Thursday, November 30, 2023, Clifford Dull, a resident of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and the Director of Medical Imaging at DLP Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center LLC, passed away. At 56 years old, his untimely demise was shared through a social media post expressing “Deepest Sympathy to all the Dull family and their friends.” Notably, the family opted not to disclose Clifford Dull’s cause of death publicly.

Obituary and funeral Plans:

Clifford Dull’s obituary and funeral plans will released by the family.

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