Brent Vanden Broek Death: Talented Artist From Sarnia Ontario has Died

Recently the Talented Artist From Sarnia Ontario Brent Vanden Broek suddenly became death. All the community and the family members go in mourning. Peoples wants to know about Brent Vanden Broek death. obituary and funeral plans. see to know what happened.

Brent Vanden Broek Death: Talented Artist From Sarnia Ontario has Died

Who was Brent Vanden Broek & About His Carrer:

Brent VandenBroek, a resident of Sarnia, Ontario, and originally from Whistler, was a graduate of Lambton College in Toronto. He taught himself how to paint and hailed from the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. In 2018, he decided to start painting again after taking a 20-year break. Starting with photorealism.

What has influenced Brent’s art the most are his other interests, life adventures, and previous jobs. His photorealistic and op-art pieces are definitely shap by his careful nature and engineering background. Throughout his life, he took part in motorbike, motocross, and downhill mountain bike races. always loved the outdoors and wildlife too. All of these things played a part in inspiring his artistic work.

In 2018, Brent showcased his Grizzly painting at Arts Whistler Fall for Arts. They believed that if you’re creative. You should share this with everyone. His sister, Marnie Vandenbroek-Hookey, loved and cherished him.

Brent VandenBroek Death:

Brent VandenBroek, a talented artist from Sarnia, Ontario, has passed away. The sad news shared on social media with a message expressing deep sorrow and fond memories of the special bond between siblings.

Obituary And Funeral Arrangements:

Brent VandenBroek obituary and funeral arrangements will released by the family.

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